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Ceramic Garden Tool Knife Sharpener Porcelain Touch

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Ceramic Garden Tool Knife Sharpener Porcelain Touch


The Porcelain Touch Tool Sharpener features an elongated and tapered rod, making this tool sharpener the most comfortable to hold. Extremely adaptable to sharpening any variety of pruners, shears, paper and fabric scissors, shovels, push mower blades, and many kinds of kitchen and utility knives. You don’t even have to disassemble tools before sharpening. This will be the last sharpener you ever need! Each handle provides a firm, dependable grip as well as a bit of whimsy with the decorative colored top.

Each sharpener is made in the USA and hand crafted by professional ceramic artists. This results in a uniquely designed tool sharpener and may result in slight size differences. Size and shade variations are inherent in all fired ceramic materials and can add to the beauty and individuality of the finished item. These variations will not affect function or performance. Sharpeners are made from high fired porcelain clay and can break if dropped.  Store safely in original packaging or in a secure pouch on your tool belt.

The Porcelain Touch Tool Sharpener will become smooth with repeated uses. This does not affect it’s sharpening ability. If garden tools have sticky or gummy plant materials on them, clean first with alcohol and steel wool, then proceed to sharpening.

CAUTION: Never sharpen knives, cutlery, or kitchen utensils over food or drink. Small amounts of ceramic and metal dust may be produced during the sharpening process and could contaminate edible items.

HOW TO USE: With one hand, hold the tool to be sharpened in an open position; the bevel side of the blade is up and sloping away from you. With your other hand, hold the Porcelain Touch Sharpener and quickly pass it along the bevel in one direction, repeating until the tool edge is sharp. Do not use a back and forth motion. If sharpening scissors or shears, repeat on the opposite blade of the tool you are sharpening. A steady pressure will result in the sharpest edge.

Sharpener is handmade so sizes will vary but most are approximately 6-8 inches long and 1.5 inches around the thickest part. They have a bit of heft and can be handled in several ways as to make for a comfortable sharpening experience.

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